Staff Development Day Focuses on the Future

Staff Development Day Focuses on the Future
Posted on 10/30/2018
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Chamber Presentation
Educators buzzed with excitement for the future of jobs and opportunities in our area after the recent Indian Lake Staff Development Day.  

Logan County Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Paul Benedetti opened the morning with a presentation about the US 33 Smart Mobility Corridor and the jobs needed to support that massive endeavor in the near future. 

He told staff members they have a very important role, “There’s all this technology coming and we need people to create it, run it and maintain it. We are at ground zero. There’s nothing else like this in the world.”

Benedetti briefed the group on the hi-speed fiber that is now connecting the Transportation Research Center near East Liberty to Columbus, and points in between. He explained that in 2019, driverless vehicles equipped with sensors will be on the highway sending information to the Ohio Department of Transportation on highway conditions, to the Ohio Highway Patrol for traffic information and to private companies to develop further smart automobile technology. 

Ryan Stanford teaches Robotics and Computer Aided Drawing courses at Indian Lake High School. He looks forward to sharing this news with his students. 

“It shows them that it is real, not just conceptual. And it’s right here, not a far away place.”

Benedetti encouraged educators to invite our students to stay or come back to Logan County because our area will likely be the origin of future jobs that we cannot even imagine at this time. 

“It’s really important to look at your classes of students and identify those who are potential engineers or those who are good with their hands, that we call ‘wrenches.’ We need them now.”

Longtime ILHS social studies educator Doug Reprogle is delighted at the opportunities stretching beyond the high academic achievers. 

“Those academics and mechanics groups will need to be able to communicate with each other. It makes me think about how I will partner students in groups going forward and the importance of team building.” 

ILHS Principal Kyle Wagner says he hopes to offer the same presentation to high school upperclassmen during their LakerTime period this school year.