IL Levy

 May 8, 2018 Fact Sheet

5-year Emergency Operating Renewal Levy 

  • No New Money – No Increase, just a straight renewal
  • 6.85 mills generates $2,878,500 annually for the district (16% of the general fund budget)
  • The district’s general fund operating budget is $17.9 million
  • Operating money pays for items to run the school such as utility costs, office and cleaning supplies, fuel, employee wages & benefits, equipment repairs & maintenance of building and grounds.
  • The district has shown fiscal responsibility & transparency through annual 5-year forecasts presented at public meetings & financial reports published in the Laker Lore
  • The district has secured federal/state/local grants to offer additional programs for students  
  • The current operating levy expires at the end of 2019
  • This renewal would last until December 2024
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