Cross Campus Shark Dissection Project

Cross Campus Shark Dissection Project
Posted on 05/09/2018
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Indian Lake High School Science Club members are giving 8th graders an inside look at high school level science. 
For the second year in a row, ILHS Science Club students dissected dogfish sharks as a cross campus project with 8th grade science students. They examined the shark’s skin under a microscope, identified and measured internal organs and completed color coded diagrams
ILHS Science educator Matt Steinbarger says, "The science club members involved were a mix of students who participated last year and some of the newer members.  They all practiced presenting the lesson and dissecting the sharks in advance of doing it with the 8th graders.  Anytime that science principles and procedure can be combined with fun, excitement, and anticipation often results in productive and long-lasting experiences.  A valuable experience for all!!!!"
Steinbarger was able to use ILHS 21st Century Grant funds to purchase the shark specimens, instruments for measuring, dissecting microscopes and trays to facilitate the project focusing on principles of science and math.  
8th grade science teacher Julie Grider says the dissection project aligns with curriculum standards concerning how an organism adapts over time.