Please note, all students must have a permanently assigned location for pick up and drop off. This location is the automatically assigned stop for the student's residence. An alternate location of pick up or drop off within the district may be requested if needed. There is a strict limit of one alternate location per student. Temporary bus changes will not be issued due to buses being loaded to capacity.  All changes must be done in writing for record keeping purposes. We cannot accept phone call changes. 

Buses will not make stops outside the Indian Lake School District. 

If your student(s) requires of a change of transportation, please print and return this form transportationform.pdf to the IL Transportation Department. 
We must have this request in writing. For more information please contact  Pat Smith at

In addition, due to several families moving in the area recently, we have had to make many adjustments to the bus routes to ease overcrowding.

Effective immediately, we cannot approve any more alternate bus stop locations on buses 8 or 31, for the rest of the 18/19 school year.  

The follow addresses are all located south of US 33 and west of SR 708 in the village of Russells Point. These are all 3-digit addresses, found on the following streets:

Aiken, Bristol, Buckeye, Cardinal, Center, Cline, Elliott, Fairview, Grand, High, Holly, Kress, Lake, Marshall, Miami, Park, Russell, Shady, Taylor, Warden

Additional addresses for bus 8 are:

CR 87/Duff Rd 11520-11975

Ash 10800-11100

Bentz 200-330

Daycol 10500-10700

Elm 10950-11043

Grove 200-300

Indian Hallow Campgrounds 
Midway 180-350

North 200-300

Oak Circle 10800-11000

Pine Circle 10800-11000

State 10500-11000

Walnut 10800-11100

Williams 10601-11800

If you are wishing to send your child to an alternate address in these zone, we will not be able to accommodate your request.   We must prioritize seating for the students who reside in this neighborhood.

We appreciate your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Patrick Smith

Transportation Director

Bus Drivers
1-   Laura Dalton
2-   Aaron Dodds
4-   Amber King
5-   Nancy Beatty 
6-   Bev Titus
7-   Jon Blackburn
8-   Amy Stevens
9-   Ken Turner
13- Robert Ball
14- Mike Pusey
15- Bonnie Shaffer
16- Steve Warniment
17- Bob Shaffer
18- Terry Brentlinger
19- Lynne Snipes
20- Tonya Neer 
22- Lori Carpenter
23- Robin King
25- Dan Young
27- Sue Ball
28- Sandy Knotts
30- Terrah Eaton
31- Barbara Scherer