Important Busing Information for 2020-21

Important Busing Information For 2020-21
Posted on 09/09/2020
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The Indian Lake Schools Transportation Department is working to put together a bus safety video to replace our normal bus safety drills during the COVID-19 health crisis. Until then, we’d like to remind those who use our transportation services of the rules of the road. 

First, parents/guardians are responsible for the child making their way to and from the bus stop daily. 

In addition, parents/guardians are responsible for the child as they wait at the bus stop. 

For safety purposes, Ohio law requires that students must be at the bus stop before the bus arrives. Please keep in mind, bus stop times may vary by 2 or 3 minutes daily due to traffic, weather, and ridership on a particular day. Drivers will stop and wait a moment to give students the opportunity to catch the bus, but it is the responsibility of the rider and parent/guardians to be ready on time. 

Indian Lake buses are equipped with GPS and cameras, so our Transportation Department can easily access records and recordings of stops made, speeds reached and activities that take place on a bus. 

Students are required to wear masks on the bus and will be assigned a seat partner. When possible, siblings will be assigned to sit together during COVID-19. Drivers will have masks available if a student forgets. 

Windows will be opened on the bus to increase air flow when possible. 

Students may not eat or drink on the bus without express permission from the driver. 

Students may not use their cell phones on the bus without express permission from the driver. 

Students may not stand in their seat or in the aisle while the bus is moving. 

Each bus is equipped with a first aid kit in case of an emergency or injury. 

Students must be silent while the bus is nearing and crossing a railroad track. 

The following is a message from Transportation Director Pat Smith:


On behalf of everyone on the Indian Lake Schools’ transportation team, I welcome you and your students back for the 20/21 school year!   This will be the most challenging year yet, as we make adjustments to deal with the COVID-19 issue, but together, we will get through it.

Drivers, mechanics, and I will be disinfecting the buses daily.  We will also have hand sanitizer dispensers installed in all route buses.  It’s no secret that hand sanitizer can be hard to find right now, but we will make every effort to keep the dispensers stocked.

Bus routes, drivers and times will remain much the same as they were in the previous school year.  There will be a few bus number changes as we add two new buses to the fleet.  Postcards with the info will be mailed in the coming days and each school building has access to busing info.  If you have a new address, please contact your student's school office to update your address as soon as possible to make sure your student is assigned to the proper bus. As always, your patience is appreciated while we get a routine established for the new year.

If your student previously had an alternate bus stop assignment, it has been carried over to the new school year.   If you need to request a new alternate, please download the form below, complete and return it to me at or to your child’s school.  Please choose an alternate carefully, as only one request will be approved this school year.

If you have any questions about busing, feel free to contact me at

We look forward to seeing everyone back on the first day of school!

Patrick Smith

Transportation Director

Bus Drivers
1-    Laura Dalton
2-    Aaron Dodds
5-    Nancy Beatty 
6-    Amber King
7-    Jon Blackburn
8-    Amy Stevens
9-    Ken Turner
11-  Robin King
12 - Bev Titus
13-  Sue Ball
15-  Holly Dalton
16-  Steve Warniment
17-  Robert Ball
18-  Bonnie Shaffer
19-  Lynne Snipes
20-  Tonya Neer 
22-  Lori Carpenter
25-  Terry Brentlinger
26-  Dan Young
27-  Mike Pusey
28-  Sandy Knotts
29 - Bob Shaffer
31-  Barbara Scherer
M3- Tammie Martin