Indian Lake Schools Reopening Plan & FAQs

Indian Lake Schools Reopening Plan & FAQs
Posted on 08/18/2020
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Indian Lake Schools

Frequently Asked Questions for the Fall 2020 Reopening 

Please check out this message from Superintendent Rob Underwood and read the entire updated plan below.   When does school start?

As of July 17, 2020, Indian Lake plans to follow the original board-adopted calendar.  School starts August 19, 2020. 

What about Open House?

There will be no Open House this year.  Each building will communicate their plans for virtual open houses and your student’s teachers will make contact with families. 

Will there be assemblies and field trips?

Assemblies (or large student gatherings) and field trips are not permitted until further notice. 


  • Logan County Districts, including Indian Lake, will allow two students per seat and in some instances three students if the children are younger and therefore smaller.
  • Districts will attempt to seat siblings together.
  • Seating charts are recommended to assist with contact tracing if that is needed.
  • Windows will be cracked for additional ventilation when practical.
  • Face coverings are required for drivers and required for students.
  • In the event State policies require school districts to use alternative schedules, districts may adopt minimum requirements for transportation to reduce the number of students who are eligible for school district transportation.

What is the status of Fall Sports?  

As of now, the OHSAA has indicated that low-contact sports (golf and volleyball) will occur in the fall.  Contact fall sports including cross country, soccer, and football have not been approved by the OHSAA for competition with other schools. Indian Lake athletes are permitted to practice and work out on campus and have been doing so under the state guidelines with supervision from our coaches. 

What is remote (online) learning?

According to the Ohio Department of Education, remote learning means each student is experiencing a learning opportunity supported by a teacher or educator who is in a different location. Working in partnership with educational delivery partners, an educator delivers instruction by using a device and checking in with students regularly. Remote learning also can include video or audio instruction delivered online or via television, video, telephone or another method that relies on computer or communications technology. It also may include use of printed, paper-based materials that incorporate assignments that engage and seek feedback from students.

Will the remote (online) learning be the same this year as it was at the end of the 2019-20 school year?

No.  The ILS staff transitioned quickly to a Google Classroom format in the spring of 2020.  Teachers worked diligently to learn a new system while continuing to instruct students online.  All students were taking courses online.  This year is much different because most students and teachers will be in school during the day.  For this reason, remote learning will look much different.  Most courses and curriculum will be delivered through an online program called Virtual Learning Academy.  Lessons are aligned to state content standards and the program walks the students though the material.  Assignments are graded by a certified teacher and students are assigned a teacher for support, but it may be an educator from another district.  When possible, the district will assign Indian Lake teachers to support your child and there may be situations when instruction occurs through Google Classrooms if scheduling permits it.

Have the expectations changed for online learning?

Because the end of 2019-20 was such a challenging time for all involved, teachers were lenient in grading and attendance and truancy policies were not formally established.  Students who choose the online option for the 2020-21 school year can expect the following changes:

·         More rigorous content.

·         Attendance requirements – students are expected to be engaged in instruction during every school day. 

·         Less one-on-one time with teachers.  ILS teachers have in-person classes and will not always be available for support during the day.  In most cases, students will be assigned to a VLA teacher who may or may not be an Indian Lake teacher. 

·         All lessons will be graded and course grades apply to a student’s cumulative Grade Point Average. 

If I choose online learning for my student, what is the commitment?

·         Students will remain “online” for the entire first semester.  There is no switching back and forth from online to the traditional setting.  In December, parents and school officials can work together to determine if the student will return to traditional school for the second semester which starts in January.

·         Students will complete all coursework online.  They are not permitted at the school during regular school hours as we do not have the staff to manage students who are coming and going.

·         Academic growth is expected.  Students will have daily, weekly, and quarterly progress expectations.  If students do not meet daily academic expectations, school policy and Logan County Court guidelines will follow.

·         Students will complete all state assessments and must meet all local and state requirements for grade promotion and graduation.

If my student is on remote learning, will he/she still receive special services (special education services)?

Yes, the district will follow state guidelines to provide services to all students and will follow the terms set forth in the student’s IEP.

If I choose remote learning for my student, can he/she still participate in extra-curricular activities such as sports?

Yes.  Law requires the school to permit extra-curricular participation.  However, the students/families are responsible for transportation to those after-school activities.  All athletes must maintain school and OHSAA eligibility standards.  Parents who choose the online option for educational purposes due to health fears must be fully aware that the risks of participating in extracurricular activities are similar or may even exceed traditional classroom risks.  

If I choose remote learning for my student, can he/she still participate in co-curricular courses?  These are courses in which there is a classroom graded component as well as an expectation to participate in events outside the regular school day (i.e. band, choir)?

No.  This is not something that we can accommodate.  The graded portion of these courses cannot be completed remotely due to the performance expectations.  Given our attempt to limit access to the building from the outside, we cannot allow students to come to school for one period.  Music courses are available online for credit, but co-curricular participation is not permitted.  

Is Blended “hybrid” learning an option?

No.  Blended learning is when students receive some of their education online and some of their education on campus.  Currently, we are offering fully remote (online) or traditional (in-class) education.  

Can traditional home schooled students take a course on campus?

No.  Only traditional, in-class students will be permitted on campus.

Will the school provide computers?

Because of the COVID outbreak in the spring, the Board of Education made a significant investment in computers so the district could go 1 to 1.  This means that every student grades 5-12 will have a Chromebook they may take home.  This applies to all students (online and in-person).  Students must pay $30 technology maintenance/insurance.  Students in grades K-4 will have access to a computer each day at school.  They do not pay the $30 technology maintenance/insurance because they are not taking the devices home.  If students in grades K-4 choose the online option, the district will provide a Chromebook upon request from the parent and the parent will pay the $30 technology maintenance/insurance.  Parents can make this request when they complete the survey to indicate they are choosing the online option.  If the district would go on an extended closure, students in grades K-4 will have access to a Chromebook at home.

Will the school provide internet?

No, families are responsible for providing their own internet access at home. 

What is the risk if I choose the traditional, in-class option?

We encourage all parents to study the scientific research.  As you know, there is a certain level of risk everywhere in our society right now.  ILS will promote the following practices that are proven effective strategies to combat the spread of COVID:

·         social distancing

·         frequent sanitizing and cleaning of facilities by trained custodians wearing appropriate personal protective equipment

·         frequent sanitizing and cleaning of buses

·         frequent handwashing; hand sanitizer has been placed throughout the campus

·         masks required for staff and for students in grades K-12 as ordered by the Logan County Health Commissioner and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine 

·         opening doors and windows when possible

·         adjusting HVAC settings

·         holding classes outside or in larger indoor areas when possible

·         temporary isolation rooms for sick staff and students

Can we change our decision for remote or in-class instruction after the school year starts?

In-person or remote learning is a full commitment for the first semester.  The commitment is necessary so that the district can plan and implement safety measures based on student enrollment.  School officials will work with families if extenuating circumstances arise.  We recognize that this is a difficult decision and we appreciate your assistance and commitment.   

Are masks mandatory?

Masks or shields are required for staff when they are working closely with students.  Students in grades K-12 are required to wear masks by order of the Logan County Health Commissioner and Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. The district will have disposable masks available for students if they want/need a mask and forgot it at home. 

If I choose the traditional in-class option, what will happen if there is a major outbreak and a forced school closure?

The district has made contingency plans for an extended closure if it should occur.  All students will transition to a remote, online plan in the event of extended closure.  

What about class changes?

The elementary will not switch classes.  Some specials, such as music and gym, may require class movement.  The middle school will minimize class changes when possible.  The high school will change classes, but rooms will be disinfected between each period.  At this time, there will be no larger assemblies or field trips.

How will attendance work for the in-school option?

Attendance policies will work the same as they have in the past.  However, administrators will show leniency for students who have legitimate, COVID-related reasons for missing school.  Our main priority is the safety of all staff and students.  Therefore, it is important for parents to communicate with school officials and to document all absence reasons. Staff and students should take their temperature every morning before coming to school.  The Health Department is creating a guidance document for attendance purposes that will also be posted on the district website, but in general, any staff or student who has symptoms (cough, shortness of breath, fever, chills, muscle pain, sore throat, loss of taste/smell) should remain home and be fever free (less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit) without medication for 72 hours before coming to school. 

What if a student or teacher tests positive for COVID-19?

·         Communication will be developed by the Health Department, not the school district. A common template will be developed to include the following:

·         Specify to parents which classroom(s) the confirmed case was in (ex. Mr. Smith).

·         More generalized statement to building staff.

·         The school district will cooperate with the Health Department’s work in social tracing.

·         14-day quarantine will be required of any student who tests positive with COVID-19 and

·         14-day quarantine will be required of any staff member who is determined to have had “exposure” as determined and documented by the Health Department.

·         The Logan County Health Department will write a letter for the school district to use and the letter will explain/define what is considered “exposure” to COVID-19 that will result in Quarantine.

·         With Health Department guidance, this protocol may change as new information becomes available.

If I choose the traditional in-class option, what will happen if my student is quarantined for an extended period?

Although the district is still working through the details, we are hopeful that we can deliver instruction to students through Google Classrooms so they do not get behind during this time period.  For all other shorter duration absences, the district will use the same policies as it always has for making up work.

What action do parents need to take?

If your child is attending school in-person this fall and has already been enrolled in the district, then no action is required.  

If your student is utilizing the remote, online option, please complete the survey at the following link by July 31, 2020.

We ask that you complete a separate survey for each of your children who plan to use the remote online option.  Upon completion of the survey, a school official will contact you in the coming weeks to explain further steps.

We realize that there are many unknowns, but we are here to help!  Please contact school officials if you have questions.  

Posted 7/17/2020
Updated 7/29/2020