The Lake Effect on Monday Morning

The Lake Effect on Monday Morning
Posted on 05/24/2021
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This is the last Monday of the school year, so that means the final Lake Effect for now. Jay Shetty is redefining happiness for us! Have an awesome week!
Again we wake up with the Lake Effect on Monday Morning! Today we listen to Dean Graziosi speak about why we deserve a better life. Have a great week, Lakers!

The ILHS Journalism students are taking us another step deeper into the lessons of the R-Factor. In today's installment of the Lake Effect on Monday Morning check out their latest video teaching us how to Step Up after pressing pause and getting our minds right!

Indian Lake students have really embraced the R-factor concept of "pressing pause" before reacting. During that pause, R-Factor teaches that you need to "get your mind right" to be able to respond in a way that best fits the situation.
The ILHS Journalism students are here to explain further with this video!

We recently replaced some old banners outside with our updated message! The Lake Effect encourages Lakers to Own Your Actions, know that we are Stronger Together and to Embrace the Grind of daily struggles as learning opportunities and ways to improve. How can you put the Lake Effect in action this week?
Lake Effect SignsLake Effect SignsLake Effect Signs

With required State Testing beginning at Indian Lake Schools, we certainly hope all those R-Factor Lessons will help our students get their minds right.
However, for the Lake Effect on Monday Morning, we wanted to share with you this video that the ILMS staff put together for students. It reminds them that they are more than a test score!!

It's the Lake Effect on Monday Morning!
Today, we listen to Eric Thomas speak on the importance of using your 24 hours of time each day to be your best. Have a great week, Lakers!!

The ILHS Journalism students are back at it this Monday moring with more Lake Effect for you! Check out their video about pressing pause in several situations. Great advice for a great week!!

Today ILMS students will kick off the week with the Lake Effect! They are watching this video with Jon Gordon, author of "The Energy Bus" and other titles. He speaks about being positive, feeding the positive dog, and perception of reality.

It’s The Lake Effect on Monday morning saying don’t ever let anger get the best of you! ILMS students are watching this lesson this today. Have an awesome week, Lakers!

This Monday is the first official Lake Effect Day for the entire Indian Lake School District!
Students and staff are wearing the Above the Line shirts and all students in every building will take part in a similar lesson. Going forward, Lake Effect Days will be a coordinated district effort once a month. In addition, each building and grade level is implementing R-Factor lessons regularly.
Check out the short video that those in grades 5-12 will be watching and discussing. Kiddos in grades K-4 will watch a different video with simpler content.

We are focusing on the positive during our latest Lake Effect on Monday Morning! Let's listen to Inky Johnson tell us a bit about perspective!
Have a great week, Lakers!

We're back with the Lake Effect on Monday Morning!
The Lake Effect on Monday Morning features the ILES Zone Buster! She's got some great strategies to help you with E+R=O. Let's learn more about Pressing Pause and Getting Your Mind Right....

Some of our students will be considering this video with Ed Mylett and Lewis Howes on the "School of Greatness" podcast.
Have a fabulous week, Lakers!!
Your Monday Morning Lake Effect is checking out more posters around the district that remind us of R-Factor principles. So much great wisdom in these short explanations!
R-Factor PostersR-Factor PostersR-Factor PostersR-Factor Posters

Lake Effect ShirtsLake Effect ShirtsLake Effect ShirtsLake Effect ShirtsLake Effect ShirtsLake Effect Shirts

The Lake Effect is everywhere!!
Our Lake Effect on Monday Morning is circling back to last Tuesday when Lakers wore their new shirts to school! ILHS students were Above the Line...ILMS students were Above the Line...ILES kids were Above the Line...staff members were Above the Line...and even some pilgrims were Above the Line!!
The goal of the Lake Effect is to think about our actions and how E+R=O. (Event + your Response= Outcome) It is our great hope that these strategies help our students, staff and community improve their outcomes through intentional actions!
Several people have asked about getting their own Lake Effect shirt. We hope to have a link to purchase very soon!
Let's have an awesome week!

R-Factor Shirt Sponsors

The first R-Factor strategy we've learned is to Press Pause and think about the situation. So with our Lake Effect on Monday Morning we are pausing and thinking about how thankful we are for our community! All of these businesses, led by Osgood Bank, have supported R-Factor t-shirts for every student and staff member in the IL district.
We are so very appreciative of their support for our schools at all times and especially of this Lake Effect initiative. For these businesses and many, many others, their Response is to back our schools through any situation. The Outcome is an awesome community!!!
Remember that all IL students and staff are asked to wear their R-Factor shirts on Tuesday, November 24th as a sign of unity!

The Lake Effect on Monday morning is highlighting two key concepts of the R-Factor. The ILHS Journalism students created this video to show you how to 1. Eliminate BCD (Blaming, Complaining and Defending) from your behavior and 2. How to improve the environment in your own 20-square feet. Check it out!

The Lake Effect on Monday Morning is offering our thanks to the Logan County Education Foundation! Second grade teacher Holly Powers received a small grant to purchase a series of new books that will help foster Social Emotional Learning. The titles tie into our school's initiative E + R = O and how our responses to certain events equal a particular outcome.
Powers' class motto is "Be Kind." They recently colored sailboats as part of the "Lake Effect" and wrote about being kind and respectful to others. Here's to smooth sailing and good decision-making this week!
ERO Books

The Lake Effect on Monday Morning is zooming in on student projects!
The ILHS Journalism Class is assisting in spreading the word about the R-Factor to our students and community. This is the first in a series of videos they are producing. Take a look!

The Lake Effect on Monday Morning is teaching you the basics of the R-Factor with this awesome Laker Zone video!
ILES students watched this as part of their virtual Laker Zone assembly recently. Check this out!!
The Lake Effect on Monday Morning is shining a light on some brand new posters hanging in each of our buildings. Here are some samples!
Curriculum Director Kelli Tebbe designed them to reinforce the R-Factor language and teachings. They include current students and common situations where R-Factor practices can be applied.
Lesson #1 is E+R=O. An Event, Plus Your Response equals an Outcome. They key is to tailor your response to events that are out of your control to achieve a desired outcome.
Have an awesome week, Lakers!

It's the start of something new! We're calling it The Lake Effect on Monday Mornings and we hope the ripples spread out and create a positive impact on your week!
As you know, the administration and staff at Indian Lake Schools have been training in what's called the R-Factor. We have now customized it for our students and community. Students in all grade levels will get a short R-Factor lesson regularly and teachers will incorporate the R-Factor language/beliefs daily. We hope to share some of those insights with you on social media and our website. These lessons on being responsible and resilient all tie into our overall social emotional learning endeavors and positive behavior incentives and supports (PBIS).
Below is a letter we sent out to the community in the spring with a "The Lake Effect" window cling. The letter further explains our mission. Today we hope it serves a reminder that E+R=O and helps you enjoy smooth sailing through your week.
If you love it and need another window cling, please let us know!

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