ILHS Artist's Work Featured On Products

ILHS Artist's Work Featured on Products
Posted on 04/08/2021
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Heitkamp Art on Candle"Call Me Ishmael"

An Indian Lake High School artist drew inspiration from the pandemic and now her designs are depicted on an online product.  

Senior Art IV student Madalynn Heitkamp recently used pen and ink to create a scene featuring a plague doctor character relaxing with a cup of coffee.

“I just thought it fit with the times because now we have the modern-day plague,” explained Heitkamp, referencing the way Covid-19 has brought a heightened sense of fear and uncertainty into everyday life.  

While shopping the online marketplace Etsy, Heitkamp discovered The Gothic Chandlery. The handmade candle company, based in Maryland, states on their website that their label artwork comes from blossoming artists. 

Heitkamp messaged the owner, who immediately agreed to purchase her plague doctor art and put it on the label of a vanilla-coffee scented candle called “Bubonic Breakfast Brew.” 

Heitkamp was elated,“I never really thought my art was worth buying or putting on a product, so I think it’s just opened my eyes to new opportunities.”

“Dark art” is the term Heitkamp uses to describe her style, which she explains has personal depth and meaning.  

ILHS Art Teacher Paige Dukowitz-Holt says she is very proud of her student for taking risks with her artwork and earning rewards for doing so. 

“Madalynn is not shy in terms of adding areas that can be visually disturbing to the viewer, which really makes her work stand out from her peers,” said Dukowitz-Holt. She adds, “Selling artwork at any age is a great success - but having a company reach out to you to buy artwork, is beyond most artists' imagination. You hear so many stories about artists having their artwork stolen by companies, so having a company actually purchase your artwork is a huge accomplishment - especially as a high school student.” 
This success has helped Heitkamp decide to pursue a career in visual arts. She plans to work for a year after graduation this spring, then attend an undecided art school in Ohio. Until then, her relationship with The Gothic Chandlery continues to grow. 

“This (Bubonic Breakfast Brew) is one of the best-sellers, so they’ve asked me to do more,” said Heitkamp. 

She has already sold a second piece to the company, depicting a Moby Dick-inspired design. The name of the scent is "Call Me Ishmael."

You can see Heitkamp’s designs and learn more at