Bus Fleet


All of us in the Indian Lake Schools’ transportation department want to welcome everyone back for another year!  

This has been a summer of change for the department.
We will employ three fewer bus drivers, and run two less bus routes for the new school year. As a result, many routes have had changes.   

Please be sure to check the postcard you’ll soon receive for any bus stop location and time changes. This info will also be posted at the open house events, and the building secretaries have access to the bus info as well.

Please remember that the stop times listed are only estimates, not precise.   Once the drivers becomes familiar with the many changes they will be seeing, times will become steady. Please bear with us as we make these adjustments.

If your student had an alternate bus stop assignment, it should have carried over to the new school year.  Our data management software provider made major upgrades this summer, so it’s very possible that some of the info didn’t convert as planned.  

Just like last year, only one new alternate stop will be permitted this year.  Please choose carefully when submitting the alternate stop request form available on this page or at your child’s school.

If you have any questions about busing, feel free to email me at 

Patrick Smith

Transportation Director

Bus Drivers
1-    Amber King
2-    Aaron Dodds
5-    Nancy Beatty 
6-    Sandy Knotts
7-    Jon Blackburn
8-    Terry Brentlinger
9-    Ken Turner
11-  Robin King
12 - Lori Carpenter
13-  Sue Ball
15-  Holly Dalton
16-  Steve Warniment
17-  Amy Stevens
18-  Barbara Scherer
19-  Lynne Snipes
20-  Tonya Neer 
21-  Dan Young
22-  Tammie Martin
27-  Mike Pusey
29 - Bob Shaffer
31-  Bonnie Shaffer